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It's early days yet, but plans are being hatched for...

Captain Zeppos - The Movie

That's right. A Captain Zeppos movie! There are no guarantees, but in January 2008, it was reported that the Flemish production company, MMG, intended to bring Captain Zeppos to the big screen. If this project receives the green light, it is not expected to be filmed until 2009 or 2010. However, the first details are now coming to light. At this time, financial backing has yet to be sought, but several possible scenarios for the movie's storyline have been devised. One thing that is clear even at this early stage is that the story for the movie is intended to be a completely new one and not a remake of an existing Captain Zeppos serial. Out of necessity, all the roles will be recast should the movie get off the ground.

Beyond the considerations of finance, the potential audience and how Captain Zeppos may have to be changed to be successful in the 21st Century, the biggest hurdle will most likely be getting the public to accept someone other than the late, great Senne Rouffaer in the central role. Senne created the Captain from the ground up, and to generations he is the one and only Captain Zeppos. Should the film get the go ahead, it will be interesting to see who will be cast, and how readily the audience take to him.

MMG was formed in 1981 (as Multimedia Group) by film school graduate Erwin Provoost. Their output to date has included the Number 1 hit drama series, Flikken (Cops), which now has a back-catalogue of over one hundred episodes, and two series of Windkracht 10 (Gale Force 10), a search and rescue drama which was successful in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Their feature film productions have been particularly successful and the company and its subsidiaries can lay claim to having produced four of the ten highest grossing Flemish language movies ever made, Hector, Koko Flanel, Max and The Alzheimer Case. In 2005, MMG joined forces with Eyeworks Film & Drama, and together they are recognised as the largest independent film and television production company in Belgium.

We will report on the progress of this venture whenever we can.