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Cultural phenomenons often have long-lasting and far-reaching effects, but Kapitein Zeppos has been blessed with two most unusual tributes. In both Amsterdam and Antwerp, there are restaurants named after our hero...

Amsterdam - Kapitein Zeppos Café

In the centre of Amsterdam, there is a popular restaurant-bar and music venue called... yes, you guessed it... Kapitein Zeppos.

Bob van Buren, proprietor of the Zeppos CaféThe café is the brainchild of Bob van Buren, who opened Zeppos in 1988 after many years working on oil rigs. He wanted a project that would combine his love of good food, music and performing and the Zeppos Café was the perfect solution.

It's a testament to the impact and success of the restaurant that any websearch for pages about Kapitein Zeppos produces more results for Bob's restaurant than it does for the series. Bob himself is a fan of the series - it could hardly be a coincidence, after all - and used to watch the series as a child in Breda (in the south of the Netherlands), picking up the Belgian TV signals.

One of the reasons for the success of the restaurant - beyond Kapitein Zeppos' excellent reputation for food and live music - is the 'Café-Chantant', a vibrant musical happening that is held on the first Sunday of each month. If you're in Amsterdam while it's on, it's a must-see event.

Kapitein Zeppos is a well-regarded venue, serving Flemish and French cuisine and an excellent selection of Belgian beers. The decor is Belgian, as is all the furniture in the establishment. It is open from 11.00am-11.00pm, Monday - Saturday. Every night, the venue is closed to the sound of the Kapitein Zeppos theme (Living It Up by Bert Kaempfert). Zeppos himself would be proud. (Indeed, it appears he was - Senne Rouffaer was a regular customer!)

Zeppos signKapitein Zeppos
Gebed zonder end 5
1012 HS

Phone: +31 20 624 20 57

The restaurant was featured in a short filmed item which appeared as an extra on the DVD set of Kapitein Zeppos: Belderbos. The restaurant also has its own website, which can be reached at:

Antwerp: K. Zeppos

K. Zeppos, Antwerp

There is another Kapitein Zeppos themed restaurant in Antwerp, which, if anything is even more up front in its tribute to the series. Patrons entering the establishment are immediately faced with the sight of a Kapitein Zeppos poster on the wall before them. The decor throughout the restaurant is very much inspired by the exploits of the good Captain.

The café is frequented mainly by those in their late twenties and early thirties, and is a favourite haunt for young actors - and for those who aspire to follow them into the profession. K. Zeppos is situated a short walk outside the bustling centre of Antwerp - a little way down Kammenstraat from Groenplaats - and offers straightforward, good food and drink and a convivial atmosphere.

K. Zeppos
Vleminckveld 78
2000 Antwerpen

Phone: +32 03 231 17 89

Thanks to Ludovic Beun for bringing K. Zeppos (Antwerp) to our attention.