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07/02/2008: Some additional information today from Alex Hetwer about the BRT/VRT children's series. We're pleased to say that with his help, we are much nearer a full picture of the history and now we also have a full listing of the VRT's archive holdings for these series. Many thanks to Alex for his kind assistance. Also this evening we have added a biography page for Raymond Bossaerts, who played Ben Kurrel in Captain Zeppos.

05/02/2008: Further detail has been added tonight to the biography of Senne Rouffaer. Also, with grateful thanks to Alex Hetwer at the VRT archives for kindly supplying the information, we have been able to significantly update the page on the BRT/VRT children's series to include archive holdings and broadcast dates where they were previously absent. Your help is very much appreciated, Alex.

03/02/2008: The Feature Film! "What feature film?", we hear you cry! The one that's not been made yet, that's the one... We've received reports that Flemish film production company MMG is in the early stages of pre-production for a Captain Zeppos movie. This may not actually come to fruition, but we thought it well worth devoting some space to. We aim to keep visitors posted with news on this project as we get it.

02/02/2008: What? No updates in 2007??? Well, we're well and truly back. Sincere apologies for the lack of activity here. We've had one or two technical problems, and our email addresses have not been working for some considerable time. Fortunately, all messages were stored on the server and now we've got access back again, we've received the mail in one big hit and we're catching up with getting back to people. We apologise profusely to anyone who was waiting on a reply. We promise to deal with all email very soon indeed. The first of these is from Marc Van Imschoot, who has uncovered another location - Schellebelle, which was one of the locations used for Series Two. A page has been added for this filming locale and the page for Gent has gained an extra modern day image.

Thanks also to Alex Hetwer from the VRT for contacting us to put us right regarding the archive status of the VRT children's serial, Manko Kapak, which starred Senne Rouffaer. We were lead to believe that only a single episode remained, but Alex has let us know the good news that the VRT do actually retain the complete serial. These are in the form of kinescopes, films recorded from a television screen, and are not considered to be of a sufficient technical quality for broadcast. While this may be mildly disappointing news, many other kinescoped programmes such as The Avengers have been issued on DVD, so there is still hope!