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Situated in Gent's historic inner-town, the Lakenhalle (which translates into English as 'Drapers' Hall') was built as a symbol of Gent's autonomy at the height of the cloth trade. Designed by architect Simon van Assche and constructed between 1426 and 1441, the Lakenhalle was where the cloth and wool traders of Gent ("the Halleheeren") would gather to regulate production and fix workers' pay. Unfortunately, the completion of the building work coincided with the collapse of the cloth trade and consequently, the building has served a number of uses over the centuries, most notably housing the town prison in the Eighteenth Century. The building underwent a period of restoration work from 1900-1903. Today, it houses a cafe-restaurant and exhibition space and is a popular tourist attraction. It is also famous for being the location of the world's oldest fencing club, the Sint-Michielsgilde, which was founded in 1444 and has been based in the Lakenhalle since 1613 (eagle eyed Kapitein Zeppos viewers will notice mention of this date during the interior scenes shot at the Lakenhalle). The club remains there to this day and is still active and continues to meet with success in international fencing competitions.

Fencing was on the menu for Kapitein Zeppos when the production visited the Lakenhalle in 1968 to film sequences for Tweng Episode 5. In disguise as a knife grinder, complete with fake moustache, Zeppos follows the SABOS agent (played by Fred Robion) along the streets of Gent, into the Lakenhalle and up to the Sint-Michielsgilde club room on the third floor, where two fencers are engaged in a contest. He observes the three from the corridor leading to the club room, loitering rather obtrusively by the players' lockers and rapier stands. He is soon found out by a female worker, but he has seen what he wanted to: the tourist has met Clovis, who has recently been released from prison (he had been jailed following his theft of the Eglantier). This meeting proves to Zeppos that there is a link between Clovis and SABOS.

The Lakenhalle building is one of the architectural gems of Gent, complemented beautifully by the breathtaking Belfort ('Belfry') which soars above it, a total of 91 metres high. This tower affords outstanding views across the city from its top and is accessible to visitors via a glass lift.


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