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The series used several major filming locations, taking in the towns, cities and countryside of Belgium. Please use the "more" links at the bottom of the page to access further Series 2 locations.

The production team for the second series returned to the Onze-Lieve-Vroux-Lombeek windmill, Pajottenland, once more the setting for Zeppos' home in Belder. Aside from the windmill and the surrounding area, the story also took them to the city, where Ben had set himself up in an apartment. The town chosen to fulfill this purpose was Gent, a popular tourist destination.

Gent as seen in De EglantierThe capital of East Flanders, Gent (in English: Ghent) dates back to medieval times and lies at the meeting point of the rivers Scheldt and Leie. Like the nearby Bruges, the town has been built around a canal system, and offers many picturesque views - not least that of the three towers of Sint-Niklaaskerk, the Belfort (Belfry) and Sint-Baafskathedraal which dominate the Gent skyline (and can be seen, in the order given above, in the photo from De Eglantier: Episode One, left). The town proved to be an ideal location for the Kapitein Zeppos series, with its attractive mix of ancient and modern - with the canal system being merely the icing on the cake.

Gent Today

At the beginning of the first episode, we see the Captain drive his Amphicar along the canalside, then turn up towards Sint-Niklaaskerk (his is the car we see turning in that direction above). Next, we see him double back over the bridge, whereupon he heads towards the West - away from the town centre - to the residential area that was chosen as Ben's locality. Ben's apartment is located on an unidentified back street.

The fourth episode sees Captain Zeppos return to Gent, this time in an eminently more showy fashion, driving his Amphicar up the River Leie and under the same bridge mentioned above. As the photograph to the right proves, this occasion drew a small crowd - the novelty of a camera crew's presence and the chance to see a waterborne road vehicle obviously proved too much for the curious locals, and understandably so! Normally if you saw a car in the river, it'd be sinking fast! Instead, Senne Rouffaer, piloting the Amphicar, continued smoothly up the river, passing the amused crowd on the bank with the splendid guild houses of Korenlei serving as a backdrop. Eventually - in the same episode - Zeppos takes the car into a dockyard area. This is Gent Harbour at Langerbrugge.


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