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Episode Guide

Cast and Crew


Episode Guide -- BRT Transmissions

Episode 1
Wednesday 16th October 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

After a couple of years we meet Captain Zeppos again. Ariane has become his wife and Ben is studying in the city. When Captain Zeppos collects Ben in the city, they see a couple of men lugging a heavy box. There are some newcomers in Belder - first there is Aunt Cara, an eccentric old lady, living in the cottage at the 'Laar'. And there's Brems and his young son Frank. Captain Zeppos meets the boy Frank and takes him for a ride in his Amphibian car. Ben follows the lorry with the heavy box and makes an odd discovery.

Episode 2
Wednesday 23rd October 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

Captain Zeppos sees Frank home in his amphibian car. At Frank's place, Ben and Captain Zeppos meet Hugo Brems, Frank's father. Ben thinks he recognises Brems as the man who was brought to Belder in a box. While horse riding in the woods Ariane meets some strange hunters. Brems leaves Belder while his son stays with Aunt Cara. One evening, Aunt Cara calls for Captain Zeppos's help.

Aunt Cara

Episode 3
Wednesday 30th October 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

The disguised hunters are after a painting: 'De Eglantier' ('The Wild Rose'). The painting is in Aunt Cara's possession - she was given it by Frank who got it from his father Hugo Brems. After a surprise attack by the hunters, Aunt Cara disappears. Ben guards the house and he discovers a hatch under the carpet. He finds several valuables there that were stolen from the church in Belder. The hunters catch Brems.

The Eglantier

Episode 4
Wednesday 6th November 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

The hunters capture Ariane. Hugo Brems is locked away in the city. The gang wants to lure Captain Zeppos in a trap. They find out it isn't an easy thing to do. Meanwhile there's one question that remains: are Clovis and Aunt Cara partners in crime?

The Amphicar

Episode 5
Wednesday 13th November 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

Ariane brings Frank to Ben's grandmother. Meanwhile, Captain Zeppos has been able to escape from captivity. He pays Aunt Cara a visit in her antique shop. She asks Captain Zeppos for 48 hours to sort out the case of 'De Eglantier'.

Episode 6
Wednesday 20th November 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

Ariane is locked up again, this time in a cupboard in Aunt Cara's cottage. Captain Zeppos and Ben track her down and find out that the secret compartment under the carpet has been emptied. Is Clovis stealing the objects so Aunt Cara can sell them in her shop? The gang is surprised by Zeppos at the church. But the stolen objects are back...

Hugo Brems and the Kapitein

Episode 7
Wednesday 27th November 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

Captain Zeppos is tracking down Hugo Brems. 'De Eglantier' was somewhere in the Mill Cottage but now it is untraceable. Clovis and his gang lock Ariane in her room so they can search for the painting. Fortunately Gust, the postman, arrives just in time to scare the gang away. Zeppos warns Aunt Cara to watch her Clovis closely...


Episode 8
Wednesday 4th December 1968, 4.00-4.30pm

The gang kidnaps Ben and Gust during the brass band's celebration. Ben is able to warn Captain Zeppos, who had promised Rosier that he would bring back the painting before two o'clock. The police capture the gang.


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