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Captain Zeppos -- Series Two

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Series Two Pages:


Episode Guide

Cast and Crew


Cast and Crew


Production Staff

Senne Rouffaer (Kapitein Zeppos)
Vera Veroft (Mrs. Zeppos - Ariane)
Raymond Bossaerts (Ben Kurrel)
Henriette Cabanier (Oma)
Cyriel Van Gent (Gust the Postman)
Cara Van Wersch (Aunt Cara)
Jackie Morel (Hugo Brems)
Bruno Rouffaer (Frank Brems)
Alex Cassiers (Clovis)
Walter Moeremans (Stan)
Jos Mahu (Tom)
Herman Bruggen (Emiel)
Rudi Delhem (Garage owner / Fencer)
Paula Sleyp (Lisa)
André Delys (Farmer Dillis)
Marc Decorte (Koster)
Marieke Vervaeke (Woman)
John Geentjens (Erik the Sailor)
Jan Massink (Rosier)
Lia Lee (Kitty)
Jan Moonen (Dinter)
Jan Theys (Announcer).

Guest cast for Episode 4 is not currently available to us, so please note that this cast list is not complete.

Writer: Lode De Groof
Director: Jef Demedts
Assistant: Kris Smet
Fencing and fighting scenes: Rudi Delhem
Producer: Rik Van den Abbeele
Production Assistant: Mathieu De Heyder
Realisation: Bert Struys
Art Direction: Camiel De Bruyne
Assistant: Marc Florin

Sound Effects: Robert Bernaerd
Music Editor: Piet Verlinden
Sound Recording: Guy Leclère
Crane Operator: Roman Coorevits
Sound Editor: Roger Defays
Film Editor: Henri Erismann

Chief Cameraman: Claude Michiels
1st Cameraman: Louis Artus
2nd Cameraman: Willem Baeckelmans
Johan Van Caeneghem, Chille Deman
Laboratories: L.J. Dassonville
Special Effects:
E. Berghmans, R. Vantomme

Set Design and Decoration: Jérôme Vandenbroeck
Costumes: Ferry Barendse, huis 'Costea'
Make Up:
Raymond Deroeck, huis 'Detremmerie'
Script-girl: Marieke Vervaecke

Hairdresser: Luc De Visser
Costumier: Suzanne Van de Velde
Administration Assistant: Nora Barten

Film Crew: Universal Video

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