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Episode Guide


Episode Guide -- BBC Transmissions

Part 1: The Black Water
Monday 17th October 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"A mysterious stranger comes to the small Flemish village of Belder and arouses the suspicions of most of the villagers, but finds a friend in young Ben Kurrel." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 15/10/1966-21/10/1966

Radio Times -- 15-21 October 1966

Part 2: The Riders
Monday 24th October 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"Having cleared Ben's name from a suspicion of theft, Captain Zeppos lets him into part of his secret. Will Ben make a good 'private eye'?" (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 22/10/1966-28/10/1966

Radio Times -- 22-28 October 1966

Part 3: Black Jacket
Monday 31st October 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"Ben and Rita have stumbled on two sinister looking characters by the old chapel in the wood. Can Ben get a message to Zeppos in time?" (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 29/10/1966-4/11/1966

Radio Times -- 29 October-4 November 1966

Part 4: The Music Box
Monday 7th November 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"After Zeppos has told Ben about the offer made for the castle by a man called 'The Mole', Rita overhears a transaction at the garage." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 5/11/1966-11/11/1966

Radio Times -- 5-11 November 1966

Part 5: The Mysterious Door
Monday 14th November 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"Ben and Zeppos have discovered that the Mole's accomplice is a woman and that a clue to her identity lies in an old music box. What further secrets does the old castle hold?" (Radio Times)

"Last week Ben (Raymond Bossaerts) and Zeppos (Senne Roufher) (sic) heard a funny little tune which reminded Zeppos of something. In today's episode he remembers where he first heard the haunting melody. It is the same as the one a musical cigar-box, owned by his uncle, used to play. Zeppos recollects that his uncle once lived in a castle, and he and Ben decide to go there to try to find the cigar-box." (Radio Times - from accompanying article, see below)

from Radio Times 12/11/1966-18/11/1966

Radio Times -- 12-18 November 1966

from Radio Times 12/11/1966-18/11/1966

Radio Times article -- 12-18 November 1966

Part 6: The Mask
Monday 21st November 1966, 5.25-5.49pm

"Ben and the Captain solve the mystery of the portrait, but where is the masked lady?" (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 19/11/1966-25/11/1966

Radio Times -- 19-25 November 1966

Part 7: The Inheritance
Monday 28th November 1966, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben and Zeppos are in the hands of the Mole and his gang, but in the meantime Rita has found a new clue to the mystery of the lost will." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 26/11/1966-2/12/1966

Radio Times -- 26 November-2 December 1966

Part 8: The Hermitage
Monday 5th December 1966, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben and Gust keep watch while Zeppos confronts Baral, the leader of the gang." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 3/12/1966-9/12/1966

Radio Times -- 3-9 December 1966

Part 9: Bend or Break
Monday 12th December 1966, 5.20-5.45pm

"Baral sends Zeppos a strange warning and the Captain's horse is discovered to be missing." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 10/12/1966-16/12/1966

Radio Times -- 10-16 December 1966

Part 10: The Letter
Monday 19th December 1966, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben fears the worst has happened to Zeppos and acting on instructions, goes to see the Captain's solicitor." (Radio Times)

No episode broadcast on Monday 26th December 1966 due to change of programming for the Christmas holiday.

from Radio Times 17/12/1966-23/12/1966

Radio Times -- 17-23 December 1966

Part 11: The Driller
Monday 2nd January 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben tries to investigate the drilling site, and receives a warning from Baral's gang." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 31/12/1966-6/1/1967

Radio Times -- 31 December 1966-6 January 1967

Part 12: The Rose of Jericho
Monday 9th January 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben receives a great surprise and Ariane goes into hiding to escape Baral's gang." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 7/1/1967-13/1/1967

Radio Times -- 7-13 January 1967

Part 13: Meeting at the Opera
Monday 16th January 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben and Zeppos leave their hiding place to find Ariane only to discover that Baral is already on her trail." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 14/1/1967-20/1/1967

Radio Times -- 14-20 January 1967

Part 14: Where is Ariane?
Monday 23rd January 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Ben and Zeppos try to find Ariane and walk into Baral's trap." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 21/1/1967-27/1/1967

Radio Times -- 21-27 January 1967

Part 15: The Letter 'S'
Monday 30th January 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Baral makes a proposition to Ariane, while Zeppos receives an urgent message calling him to Mill Cottage." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 28/1/1967-3/2/1967

Radio Times -- 28 January-3 February 1967

Part 16: The Trap
Monday 6th February 1967, 5.20-5.45pm

"Baral has both Zeppos and Ariane in his clutches, and makes his preparations to blow up the quarry." (Radio Times)

from Radio Times 4/2/1967-10/2/1967

Radio Times -- 4-10 February 1967

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