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Captain Zeppos -- Museum at the Mill

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Captain Zeppos -- Hertboom Mill Museum

It is testament to the lasting influence of Kapitein Zeppos and to the strength of public affection for its stories, characters and stars, that over forty years after the first serial was made and transmitted, the series is still very much alive in the 21st Century. One of the many signs of the good health of Kapitein Zeppos was the opening to the public of a museum on the subject in November 2007. The venue for the museum is more than appropriate for the series, as it is located within the building that has become one of the icons of Kapitein Zeppos - the distinctive and beautiful Hertboom Mill in Pajottenland - with the sheds on the mill premises housing both the museum and the Brasserie Zeppos.

The museum is largely devoted to the windmill as a machine, its colourful history and its role in Kapitein Zeppos as a filming location. The museum showcases several objects that have been in use all over the world in the grinding, weighing and testing of grain. Elsewhere in the museum, in the shadow of a scale model of the Hertboom Mill, visitors can build a mill themselves by means of an electronic mill puzzle. Visitors can also have their photo taken and mere moments later it's displayed on a video screen and is posted on the museum's excellent website as part of a Kapitein Zeppos postcard design. An example is shown here. See if you can spot one of Adventurer's co-editors, our Belgian operative, codenamed Tweng, mingling with the stars of the series!

On the second floor of the museum, there's a mill library which contains almost every bit of information about mills ever published in book form. Additionally, a documentary can be seen which features the testimonies of villagers from Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek who were present during the filming of Kapitein Zeppos. Snippets from these interviews can be viewed on the Lombeek Recalls section of the museum website, here. The interviews are conducted in Flemish, for obvious reasons.

When visiting, every guest receives a key code which can be used to activate the listening seat on the mill premises to hear the story about the tragic murders, told by Filip Peeters. The same code grants access to The Mystery of Captain Zeppos, a children's game to search for the lost Captain. On the museum wall, there's a memorial plaque in honour of Senne Rouffaer, 'Captain Zeppos'. The plaque, an initiative of the Flanders-Europe Movement, was installed on July 11th 2007, one year after the actor's death. The ceremony was well attended and Senne's partner Vera Veroft and his son Bruno were special guests. Senne Rouffaer had visited the mill on several occasions since the filming of the series and the plaque pays tribute to him as a 'friend of the mill'.

The hungry or thirsty visitor can, under the favourable eye of the Captain on his horse, stop over in the Brasserie Zeppos for some tasty pie or a drink. Moreover, some of the larger mill pieces are displayed in the brasserie. Among others items, the original mill beam has found a home in the Brasserie.

The editors of Adventurer: The Unofficial Kapitein Zeppos Dossier wholeheartedly recommend the Hertboom Mill Museum to our visitors. The mill's links with Kapitein Zeppos have always made it a worthwhile place for fans of the series to visit, but now, with the addition of the museum and the brasserie, there's even more to see and do there than ever before. You can tread in the footsteps of the Captain, Ben, Ariane and many others from the Kapitein Zeppos saga, learn about the mill and the filming of the series and even get a bite to eat! What more could a Zeppos fan ask for? The museum and brasserie staff give a warm welcome - be sure to tell them we sent you! Oh... and don't forget to drop by Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek to see the many filming locations there. It's just a twenty minute stroll down the road.

With grateful thanks to the Hertboom Mill Museum

Hertboom Mill Museum (Hertboommolenmuseum)
Windmolenstraat 20
1760 O.L.V.-Lombeek (Roosdaal) Telephone:  +32 54 51 87 07
Fax: +32 54 51 87 17

Museum and Brasserie Opening Times:
Wednesdays to Fridays 11.00am – 5.00pm
Sundays 11.00am – 5.00pm
From May 1st to September 30th, also open on public holidays.
Closed every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and completely closed from December 21st until January 3rd each year.

Entrance Fees for the Hertboom Mill Museum
Normal Tariff: 2,00 €
Students, visitors over 60 years of age and groups of 10 of more people: 1,50 €
Children on a school visit: 0,75 €
Children younger than 6 years of age: Free