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Illustrations Theme Music

The theme music that opens and closes each Kapitein Zeppos episode is Bert Kaempfert's bright and breezy 1963 single record, Living It Up. For a generation of Belgian children it is completely synonymous with the Kapitein Zeppos serials, and hearing it brings the memories flooding back. It seems almost impossible that it was not written solely as the theme for the series, as it fits Kapitein Zeppos like a velvet glove. Kaempfert's Living It Up was retained as the theme for the 1966 English language version overdubbed by the BBC.

This page details some of the editions of this theme down the years - though it only appears to have been issued under the Kapitein Zeppos banner once. The final entry shows a currently available compilation CD containing the track.

Living It Up
LP including Living It Up
Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra

Edition: 12" Vinyl LP Record with picture sleeve

Tracks include: Living It Up / Danke Schön / Easy Going / Whispering / Fluter's Holiday

Label: Polydor (UK)

Year of Issue: 1963

Living It Up

Living It Up
LP including Living It Up
Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra

Edition: 12" Vinyl LP Record with picture sleeve

Track List: Gentleman Jim / In the Mood / Dutch Treat / Tipsy Gypsy / Don't Talk to Me / Fluter's Holiday / Give and Take / Danke Schoen  / Two on a Tune / Living It Up / Easy Going / Tricky Trombone

Label: Decca (US)

Year of Issue: 1963

Living It Up!

Theme from the TV Series Kapitein Zeppos
Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra

Edition: 7" Vinyl Single Record with picture sleeve

Tracks: Living It Up / Morgen

Label: Polydor

Year of Issue: 1964?

7" Theme Single

The Singles+
Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra

Edition: Double CD

Tracks: April in Portugal / Till (Du Sollst Meine Liebe Sein) / Mitternacht Blues / Patricia / Cerveza / Explorer (Louisa) / Catalania / Cha! Bull! / Gypsy's Cha Cha / Hirten Cha-Cha / Morgen / Wonderland by Night / Dreaming the Blues / Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf / Hänschen Klein / Wooden Heart (Muss I Denn, Zum Städtele Hinaus) / Tenderly / Now and Forever / Midsummernight in Gotland / Holiday in Scotland / Afrikaan Beat / Echo in the Night / Swingin' Safari / That Happy Feeling / Take Me / Cinderella After Midnight / Golden Wings in the Sun / 90 Minuten Nach Mitternacht / Mexican Road / Living It Up / Gentleman Jim / Danke Schön / Bass Walks / Jingo Jango / Toy Parade / Blue Midnight / L.O.V.E. / Red Roses for a Blue Lady / Lonely Nightingale / Three O'Clock in the Morning / Treat for Trumpets / Nothing's New / Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes) / Bye Bye Blues / Remember When / Strangers in the Night / So What's New / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Hold Me / Pussy Footin' / Night Dream / Caravan / (You Are) My Way of Life / Sweet Caroline / Wake Up and Live

Label: BR Music

Year of Issue: 2003

This CD is currently available, a highly recommended by this site!

The Singles+

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