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Synopsis -- Kurrel & Co.

Kurrel & Co.: Het Schilderij
(Translation: The Painting)
Made in 1999 but not broadcast.
Released as extra on DVD/VHS home video (Kapitein Zeppos, First Series), 2003.

Bert Struys (Mister Van Parijs)After sending his young grandson Tomas to bed, Mr. Van Parijs is toying with a chess set when he is surprised by two intruders, who steal a priceless painting from his home before abducting the old man.

The next morning Tomas makes his way to the Mill Cottage in Belder to get help from Captain Zeppos, an old friend of his grandfather. He arrives to discover that Captain Zeppos moved to the Greek island of Crete some years earlier and that the Captain's former assistant, Dr. Ben Kurrel, his niece Annemie and Jeroen, a criminology student, now inhabit the Mill Cottage.

Senne Rouffaer (Kapitein Zeppos)Tomas tells his story to Ben, Annemie and Jeroen at the Mill Cottage. Concerned, Ben  telephones Captain Zeppos who is intrigued by the fact that Van Parijs was kidnapped because the thugs had already got the painting. They must want something more from him.

Ben sends Annemie to the notary, while he and Jeroen visit the castle - the home which Tomas  shares with his grandfather. There they meet Corneel, the butler and Thérèse, the housekeeper. Corneel tells them that Mr. Van Parijs recently caught Thérèse attempting to steal a precious figurine. Mr. Van Parijs forgave her and she stayed in service. When they check the castle, they discover that the glass from a broken window lies outside on the pavement. So the thugs must have had help from the inside.

Tine Reymer (Annemie)When Annemie arrives at the notary she sees two suspicious persons conversing with the notary at his front door. They drive off in a dark Land Rover and Annemie decides to follow them on her motorcycle. After a short while, they stop at 'Het Penseel' (The Paint Brush), an antique shop. However Annemie gets engine trouble and has to get all the way back to the Mill Cottage on foot.

Mathias Sercu (Jeroen), Steph Baeyens (Ben Kurrel)After hearing Annemie's story, Ben decides to pay a visit to 'Het Penseel' with the help of Jeroen. While Ben stands guard in the car, Jeroen enters the shop. He tells the owner a story about a painting by Struys, the well-known Flemish avant-garde painter. He wishes to buy it for his father, the Baron Van Lambeek's birthday. The proprietor goes into the back of his shop to check his catalogue. In the meantime, Jeroen finds the stolen painting in the shop, grabs it and runs to the waiting car with Ben at the steering wheel. They drive off in a hurry but are immediately followed by the dark Land Rover. However Ben is driving Captain Zeppos's old amphibian car and they make their escape by driving into the river.

When Ben and Jeroen arrive at the Mill Cottage they find Annemie tied down and Tomas has been kidnapped...

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