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Cast and Crew


Ludovic Beun Interview Review Exclusive Photos

Captain Zeppos -- Cast and Crew



Senne Rouffaer (Kapitein Zeppos)
Steph Baeyens (Ben Kurrel)
Mathias Sercu (Jeroen Winters)
Tine Reymer (Annemie Mees)

Bert Struys (Mr. Van Parijs)
Arne Focketyn (Tomas)
Marijke Pinoy (Thérèse)
Sjarel Branckaerts (Corneel)

Francois Beukelaers (Cassius)
Jan Steen (Owner, 'Het Penseel')
Victor Peeters (Verboven)
André Plasche (Vandenabeele)

With thanks to...

Hotel "Oude Abdij" - Annie Vershaeve
B&L Lighting
Sony Belgium - F. Liveer
Edit - Jean & Catherine
Artechoc - C. Degroot
E.S. Video Facilities
RTBF - M. Stevenaert, C. Bournonville
Comfort Tours, Wervik
Costume Fund VRT, B. Van Cauteren
D&D, D. Van Raemdonck, D. Derre
Landrover, Belgium
Lagrou, Diksmuide
Lievens Communications
KVS, Brussel
KSJ, Opwijk
Quick Brouckère, Brussel
Bakery Bart, Opwijk
Bakery Baevegems, O.L.V.Lombeek
Caterer Guy, Ninove
Caterer Esterel, Koksijde
Caterer Saint Germain, Diksmuide
Robert Scheire, Drink Centre
Butcher's Shop Ivan, Brussel
Pub in Den Grootten Moriaen, Wervik
Beauvoordse Pancakes
Javana Coffee
Jules De Strooper

City Council and Police Veurne, Wervik and Roosdaal

The families Van Hoeteghem, Meeusen, Hindrickx, Van Steenlandt, Van Heughebaert, Wezowksi, Mispellon, André Plasche, Jozef Van Waeyenberghe, Schepen Van Praet, Freddy Nocon, Bart, Stefaan, Tom, Rudi Delhem, Renaat Lambeedts, Koen Fierlefijn, Jan Van Caillie, Ilse Brinckman, Mark Lybaert, Karla Stautemas, Vincent Rouffaer, and all others that supported the project...

With special thanks to André Ollevier, Luc Coghe, Annemie and the parents of Ludovic Beun.

KURREL & CO. was made possible thanks to CRACK MEUBELEN and B&L LIGHTING

Concept/Scenario: Ludovic Beun
Script Editor: Wout Thielemans
Head of Production: Karla Stautemas
Producer: Tom Bouckaert
Production Assistant: Gaël Van Hoeteghem
Cinematography: David Liekens
Promoter: Luc Coghe
Director: Ludovic Beun

Direction Guidance: Luc Coghe
Scenario Guidance: Wout Thielemans
Production Guidance:
Karla Stautemas, Luc Roggen
Assistant Guidance: Tia Merecy
Camera Guidance: Fernand Denys
Steadycam Guidance: Renaat Lambeedts
Sound Guidance: Griet Van Reeth
Video Editing Guidance: Martin Barbiers
Sound Editing Guidance: Wally Vermeersch

Camera: Gert Minnebach
2nd Camera + Steadycam:
Pieter de Bruycker
Camera Assistant:
Florence Preud'homme, Jo Mannaerts
Chief Electrician: An Kenens
Electricians: Joeri de Plukker,
Anton Bohm, Bardia Mohammed
Chief Grip: Tom Berghman
Johan Kokken, Patricia Vos

Sound: Jan Willekens
Sound Assistant: Marius Acke
Costumes: Anouche Pasques
Dressers: Griet Van Landeghem,
Kathleen de Coster
Make-up: Evie Hamels
Assistant: Eva Willems
Set Recording: Haydee Nackaerts
Recording Assistant: Annemie Meeusen
Extra Recording: Else Moens, Tijl Sacre, Katrien Van Aken, Kelly Puttemans, Lieselotte de Loore

Video Editing: Joachim Vander Hoeven
Sound Editing: Jan Willekens
Credit Sequences: Chris Degroot
Treatment: Jean Vermeiren

©: RITS, 1999

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