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Ludovic Beun Interview Review Exclusive Photos

Captain Zeppos -- Introduction

Kurrel & Co.Kurrel and Co. is an amusing and enjoyable epilogue to the story of Kapitein Zeppos which was made in 1999 as a graduation project by 22 year old student Ludovic Beun in the RITS department of the Erasmushogeschool, Brussels. This twenty minute film is both a homage to and a continuation of Kapitein Zeppos.

Ludovic Beun proposed the idea in May 1998 to the Head of the Television Department at the RITS - Vincent Rouffaer, son of Senne Rouffaer! The idea was accepted, and Ludovic produced a script that Autumn, with production and editing taking place in April-May 1999. The video film was made with the approval and ultimately, the involvement, of two shining lights from the original Kapitein Zeppos series, Senne Rouffaer and Bert Struys. Filming took place in several locations in Flanders, including the distinctive Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek windmill, one of the locations for the original series. The programme was shot single camera on BetaCam, an analogue broadcast standard format, and the programme as a whole cost € 75,000 to make, with € 2,500 of this coming from RITS and the remainder being made up from sponsorships and gratuities from fans of Kapitein Zeppos.

The programme, originally made for educational purposes only, was made available on DVD in 2003, as an extra on the first DVD set of Kapitein Zeppos. The set has proved popular, meaning that Kurrel and Co. has now been seen by several thousand people. This section of Adventurer will present a little background to this delightful short film, and includes an interview with writer-director, Ludovic Beun.

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