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DVD Set 2

(Vintage Films / Bridge Entertainment / VRT)

Kapitein Zeppos DVD Set 2This DVD-only set contains the two eight-part Kapitein Zeppos serials De Eglantier and Tweng, both from 1968. There are three discs in the set, the first two containing five episodes with the third containing six.

As with the first DVD set, the film prints look good, and are noticeably cleaner and sharper than those used for VRT's recent repeats. As might be expected of 1960s archive film, there are occasionally minor film jumps, and evidence of minor damage and dirt. This damage is minimal thankfully, and does not markedly affect the viewer's pleasure.

One small drawback with this second set is that, unlike the first series set, the episodes are unfortunately not presented in complete and unedited form. Possibly to accommodate an extra episode compared to the first set (which comprised fifteen episodes), the opening theme only appears on the first episode on each disc, with the closing credits and end theme only appearing on the last episode on each disc. Each episode at least retains its story title caption card containing the episode number. The decision to remove the narrative recaps, opening titles and end titles on most episodes is a real pity, as otherwise, this set would be definitive. Hopefully a complete release may be issued at some point in the future, though as yet, there are apparently no plans to do so.

As with the first set, the first disc in this DVD set contains some interesting extra features in addition to the episodes on the disc. This time, there is nothing as substantial as Kurrel and Co., but the two main extra features are nonetheless of particular value to fans of Kapitein Zeppos. The first is a special report (presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, duration 2 minutes, 11 seconds) from the press launch for the first Kapitein Zeppos DVD set. This took place in 2003 and was held at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek windmill, famed for its links with the series. The video feature is short but quite wonderful, giving fans the chance to see and hear people like Senne Rouffaer, Raymond Bossaerts, Ward De Ravet, Truus Demedts, Raymond Verhaeghe and Alice Toen as they are now. The item is sourced from De Rode Loper (The Red Carpet Strip), a showbiz programme transmitted daily on VRT after the 6.00pm news. The second item, which runs to 3 minutes and 12 seconds, shines a little light on the English language version of the series which was broadcast by the BBC in 1966-67. The report features clips from the English version, complete with some rather stilted 'public school' overdubbing, and interviews with Raymond Bossaerts, Rik Van den Abbeele and British Kapitein Zeppos fan, Gregory Ball, who first saw the series in its English language version. The final extra is a selection of trailers for other series available to buy.

Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 4 Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 5 Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 6
Screen Format: 4:3 (Original Ratio)
Region Code: 0 (All Region)
TV Standard: PAL
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Mono)
Disc Type: 3 x DVD9 (Dual Layer)
Programme Duration: 430 minutes
Spoken Language: Dutch
Subtitles: Dutch

The DVD set retails at approximately €25, and can be found slightly cheaper online. The set can be found easily in shops in Belgium and the Netherlands and on websites. Here are some direct web links for visitors' convenience:

From - English link

From - English link

International customers are recommended to use the excellent to purchase online. Please note that this website is not affiliated to either this organisation or All DVD cover artwork is ©Vintage Films, 2004 and is used for illustrative purposes only.

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