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DVD Set 2

(Vintage Films / Bridge Entertainment / VRT)

Kapitein Zeppos DVD Set 1This DVD/VHS set contains the Kapitein Zeppos serial Belderbos from 1964. There are three discs / video tapes in the respective sets, each containing 5 episodes.

The prints look good, and represent an improvement over recent VRT repeats. There are occasionally minor film jumps, though these are to be expected in a programme of this age.

The first disc in the DVD set also contains several interesting extra features. To begin with, there is the short film, Kurrel and Co., a colour videotaped follow-up to Kapitein Zeppos, featuring Senne Rouffaer in a cameo role. The programme was made as a college project in 1999 by Ludovic Beun. There is also an interview with Senne Rouffaer, taken from the VRT talk show, Nieuwe maandag (New Monday). Next there is a report from the Kapitein Zeppos Café in Amsterdam taken from the series, Ben en de Belgen (Ben and the Belgians), in which the show's host, Ben Crabbé chats with the café's proprietor, Bob van Buren. Additionally, there is a feature originally shown as part of De Rode Loper (The Red Carpet Strip), a showbiz programme transmitted daily on VRT after the 6.00pm news. The item focuses on Kapitein Zeppos actor Senne Rouffaer on a school visit. The VHS edition features none of these extra features.

Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 1 Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 2 Kapitein Zeppos - Disc 3
Screen Format: 4:3 (Original Ratio)
Region Code: 0 (All Region)
TV Standard: PAL
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Mono)
Disc Type: 3 x DVD9 (Dual Layer)
Programme Duration: 500 minutes
Spoken Language: Dutch
Subtitles: Dutch

The DVD set retails at approximately €25, but can be found cheaper online. The DVD set can be found easily in shops in Belgium and the Netherlands and on websites. Here are some direct web links for visitors' convenience:

From - English link

From - English link

International customers are recommended to use the excellent to purchase online. Please note that this website is not affiliated to either this organisation or All DVD cover artwork is ©Vintage Films, 2003 and is used for illustrative purposes only.

Promotional poster for the DVD/VHS releaseA web-page containing pictures from the launch party at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek windmill can be found at The launch was attended by Kapitein Zeppos alumni Senne Rouffaer, Raymond Bossaerts, Vera Veroft, Ward De Ravet, Truus Demedts, Jef Demedts, Nora Barten, Raymond Verhaeghe and Alice Toen. A video report from the launch party is included as an extra feature on the second Kapitein Zeppos DVD set and the promotional poster for the event is reproduced here.

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