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The Austin Champ

The Amphicar

The Ford Taunus

Marleen's Car: Tweng

In Tweng, the third Kapitein Zeppos serial, Ben occasionally drives a car owned by Marleen, the daughter of Elias. Like the cars we see Zeppos driving, it's also something quite uncommon, a Ford Taunus P7a RS coupe.

The Ford Taunus P7a was produced only for one year by Ford Cologne from July 1967 until July 1968. During this period, approximately 60,000 20M P7a's rolled off the production line. However, the number of RS coupes that were manufactured is unknown. The car was fitted with the German Ford V6 2293 cc engine, which produced 106.5 brake horsepower.

Unfortunately, European car buyers did not fall for its squared American looks and consequently, the 20M 7Pa wasn't as successful as its predecessor the P6. Ford Germany replaced it one year after its introduction with the much more European styled P7b. The P7b was the last of the M-series cars from Ford Germany and was the forerunner of the Taunus/Cortina (TC1), which went on the market after the merger of Ford Great Britain and Ford Germany.

From 1952 to 1970, all German Fords were called Taunus (named after after the Taunus mountain range in Germany), using the model names 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M and 26M. The "M" is said to stand for "meisterstück" (masterpiece). 

The picture to the left is of the sedan version of the Ford Taunus P7a.


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