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The Austin Champ

The Amphicar

The Ford Taunus

Captain Zeppos' Car: De Eglantier & Tweng

Captain Zeppos' preferred mode of transport in the second and third series is quite a remarkable vehicle.

The Amphicar was designed by Hans Trippel (1908-2001), produced in Berlin, Germany and was in production between 1961 and 1968, during which time just under four thousand cars were made. The makers were an independent company, The Amphicar Corporation, not directly affiliated to any of the major motor car marques.

Initially, the company was subsidised by the German Government. The production of the car's engine was, however, farmed out to Triumph in the United Kingdom.

AmphicarAs the name suggests, the Amphicar was meant to be at home on the water every bit as much as it was on dry land. With its maximum speeds being 7mph on water and 70mph on land, it soon became dubbed the "Model 770". On water, however, it was not as impressive a performer as the publicity claimed. Senne Rouffaer recalled, when interviewed for VRT's Nieuwe mandaag, that "The front wheels were used as rudders, but the car was anything but manoeuvrable on water. With the slightest current the Amphicar shook from one side to another on the water." Despite this, many Amphicar owners convene regularly today for 'swim-ins', where many of these unique vehicles take to the water for fun. Most of the surviving Amphicars are in the United States, with approximately 500 of the surviving 1000 there still in sea-worthy shape. A handful of the cars are said to remain in Britain and Europe - probably numbering less than one hundred, all told.

Quite a cult has grown around the Amphicar, which has become highly collectable. The car has featured in several films, pop videos and even showed up in an episode of the classic British television series, The Avengers - Castle De'ath (October 1965).

Both the Austin Champ and the Amphicar used in Kapitein Zeppos display the same registration number - HH 121. English visitors may find this confusing, as in the UK, license plates are assigned to vehicles, whereas in Belgium, they are assigned to drivers. Hence the two cars used in the series were owned by the same driver - in reality as well as in fiction! 


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