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Biographies -- Mathias Sercu

Mathias SercuMathias Sercu was born on December 22nd 1970 in Ardooie, Flanders, Belgium, graduating in 1992 from the Drama Department of the Royal Conservatorium in Brussels. He is probably best known to the Flemish public for his roles on television - as Ubi Stevens in the hugely popular youth series Buiten de zone (VRT 1993 and 1995), as Jos De Paepe in the Team Spirit series (VTM, 2003 and 2005) and as Mickey in the second season of the youth programme W817 (Ketnet, 2001). He has also played in the TV series Diamant (VTM, 1997), Ons geluk (VTM, 1995), and made guest appearances in almost every successful Flemish television series since the early 1990s - Heterdaad, Flikken, Sedes & Belli and Recht op Recht.

Mathias has also carved out a successful career in films, beginning with a lead role in Ad Fundum ("The Initiation", Erik Van Looy, 1993). He played Jos De Paepe in the two Team Spirit films (Jan Verheyen, 2000 & 2003) and made an appearance in Iedereen beroemd ("Everybody famous!", Dominique De Ruddere, 2000). He has also played in a number of short films, documentaries and school videos.

Mathias has been prolific in theatre work, playing in more than forty productions at this early point in his career. He has played lead roles in, among others, Shakespeare's Macbeth (NTG, 1999-2000) and Othello (NTG, 2000-2001) and in productions at the Publiekstheater, Gent of De tramlijn die verlangen heet ("A Streetcar Named Desire", 2001-2002/2003-2004) and Nachtwake (2001-2002). He has also taken to the stage in Bloedbruiloft ("Bodas de sangre", Publiekstheater Gent 2002-2003), Torch Song Trilogy (KNS 1997 and NTG 1998), Het bal (NTG 1998-1999) and in the musicals Peter Pan (NTG 1998-1999 and 1999-2000) and The Rocky Horror Show (NTG, 2000-2001).

Recently, Mathias has begun writing and directing his own plays. His first, Rust, in which he also played a lead character, was staged at the Publiekstheater Gent and proved to be very successful (2001-2002/2002-2003). He followed this with his one-man show, Cicadas (the English version of which was internationally acclaimed with interest from countries such as Israel and Greece) and Een sneeuwwit vogeltje (Publiekstheater Gent, 2002-2003). He has also coached several productions.

Mathias and his colleagues Jits Van Belle and Gregory Caers realised there was a chemistry between them after their work together on Rust. They decided to set up their own production company, Santι Soleil. Plastiekezak, which will be staged in January 2005, will be the first play staged by the newly formed group.

Mathias is married, has two children, and lives in Ghent. His official website is

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